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Girl Gang Tees with Fringes

Girl Gang Tees with Fringes
Girl Gang Tees with Fringes
Girl Gang Tees with Fringes
Girl Gang Tees with Fringes
Girl Gang Tees with Fringes
Girl Gang Tees with Fringes

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Girl Gang Tees with Fringes
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Available Options

  • Available in amazing quality 100% cotton fabric 
  • Fabric is bio-washed to provide extra softness
  • Minimal transparency, good thickness
  • Stretchable and adapts the shape of your body
  • Does not shrinks or loose color on wash
  • Regular sizes, (Measure from our size chart)
  • Tshirts are unisex, fits both men and women perfectly
  • Returns available for quality issues, but we're sure you'd not require it ❤

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WASHING T-SHIRT INSTRUCTIONS Designed not to fade, our plot printing materials are of the highest quality. Please note the following recommended care instructions. T-shirts should be washed inside out and set on a gentle machine cycle in cold water. Sparkle Printed T-shirts should be hand washed. When drying: Tumble dry on low heat. Machine drying not recommended for Sparkle/Glitter designs. To avoid possible shrinkage: Lay flat to dry. To maintain the life of the design, t-shirts should be ironed inside out on a low heat setting without the use of steam. This step also aids in refreshing the colors in the design. Dry cleaning is not recommended.